Our Staff

Catherine Lamar

Catherine Lamar, is a Principal with 1CRW Worldwide. She specializes in management consulting, sales and leadership training for entrepreneurial businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations. She has 20 years of experience in corporate development, strategic planning and sales training for service based companies.

Ms. Lamar is a skilled organizer and motivator for corporate team development. She is a professional sales and sales management trainer with vast qualifications and success stories while working with companies that service customers in regional park systems, healthcare, financial, logistics, and travel. Ms. Lamar has worked in Australia as a consultant for a successful, globally based company. Her ability to assess situations and initiate appropriate action has been instrumental to her entrepreneurial success.

With an academic background in healthcare, liberal arts, business and theology, Ms. Lamar has successfully integrated her practical experience to build leaders who strive to maximize business as a strategic avenue for bringing healthy results, with healthy people, and happy customers.

Her understanding that 21st century leaders can choose to be an additive force for cultivating a healthy, sustainable future for their employee's and clients.

According to Ms. Lamar, management consulting is a profession that synthesizes psychology, sociology, business, economics and communication. The definition of success must include what really matters; physical health, emotional well-being, and living a life of meaning and purpose.