CRW partners with our leading consultants in the industry to help achieve our client's objectives. We understand the dynamic and mercurial environment companies operate in as well as the challenges they face every day. And thanks to our unique experiences across a wide range of healthcare, technology, telehealth, and government relation issues, we have developed solutions that are proven, effective and distinctively unique to each client.

Feel free to contact us to be connected to a consultant who can help you maximize your organization's objectives.


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has created direct and indirect consequences for businesses of all sizes. From large hospital systems to Fortune 500 companies to the small business entrepreneur, the Affordable Care Act impacts every business differently.

We can help:

  • Set up telemedicine services for your company or organization.
  • Analyze your business and proposed solutions.
  • Reduce valuable time spent on health reform compliance requirements.
  • Provide guidance and strategic planning so you know where you stand.
  • Locate tax credits in the legislation that may benefit your business.
  • Provide ongoing health care consulting and continuing medical education.

What we offer that others do not:

  • Unmatched understanding of the law that only comes from multiple readings.
  • Knowledge and ongoing relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Concise and timely information you need to know now.
  • Government relations and advocacy in state and federal government.

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