1CRW Worldwide, Inc. (CRW) specializes in all multimedia eLearning approaches. From engaging corporate or medical training videos to customized interactive eLearning virtual classrooms and virtual medical simulations that test employee knowledge, CRW customizes services for individual clients.

When designing eLearning modules and systems, CRW considers the ever-changing landscape of company policy and procedure to build sophisticated management systems that remain relevant for years to come. When it comes to eLearning CRW is top rated in terms of quality and capability.

Live Virtual Reality Corporate and Medical Training Solutions

CRW deploys real-life, business and medical-world challenges with the live virtual, technology-based training solutions. The use of virtual training is growing exponentially as a means to increase return on investment. From virtual environments that simulate actual jobs to virtual medical simulations to live streaming video webcasts and multimedia eLearning solutions, virtual training not only informs, but also engages for better employee memory retention.

The Possibilities for Training are Virtually Endless

Under the umbrella of virtual training, there are a variety of possibilities that are available. While many organizations are finding substantial benefit in virtual training games with avatars to encourage active participation, others turn to blogs and forums for internal technical support and communication on an as-needed basis. At CRW we merge your ideas, culture and needs with various types of technology-based training methods for an end product that is customized and exclusive to your company.

As a virtual training company and corporate and medical eLearning developer, we have the capability to build sophisticated continuing medical education (CME) tools from start to finish as well as each individual component thereof. Through such virtual training techniques and methods, medical professionals are able to learn new procedures, equipment, practices, and medicines for accreditation from remote locations - in the office of their affiliated hospital or private home. Additionally, we can create highly engaging training videos for on-demand viewing via the web or a company secured private network.

Whether at predetermined times or 24/7, our live virtual technology-based training solutions are designed for your employees, colleagues, staff members, or trainees to capture interest, enhance learning, and encourage retention and occupational safety.

Use Webcasts to Train a Broad Audience Based at Remote Locations

What better way to promote interaction and collaboration amongst your employees and trainees found around the corner or around the world than with live streaming webcasts. 1CRW Worldwide, Inc. (CRW) develops custom business, pharmacology, and medical school webcast lectures as one of many different types of effective technology-based training methods. We can record the raw video and/or audio lecture footage, edit as needed, and archive to watch at a later date or time, or film the lectures in real-time and stream for live transmission.

Advantages of live streaming webcasts include:

  • Watch and listen to presentations
  • Share content and visuals
  • Ask questions and make comments
  • Reach a diverse audience and drive action
  • Avoid travel and accommodation expenses

As a virtual training company, CRW works with you to understand your target group of users, the necessary eLearning training content, techniques and methods you wish to employ to create the innovative webcast tools you need to successfully educate, instruct, or inform employees, colleagues, staff members, and more. Users can log in for the seminar or event and interact with the training materials being presented as needed. This can be done to limit access and to keep track of those who participate. Typically shown in real-time, webcasts can also be saved and scheduled to display at a postponed time. Depending on your preferences, video and audio webcasts can be developed with two-way or group communication.

Whether it is your organization's objective to train a new employee on his or her job responsibilities through a video webcast or to educate a medical school student on innovative surgeries and techniques through virtual medical simulation, CRW Corporate and Medical Training has the virtual training solutions you need to succeed. Choose to utilize live streaming lecture webcast services or any of our other different types of technology-based training methods. Our service offering for on- and off-the-Web training is extensive.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) through Virtual Training Solutions

With sponsorship from major academic centers, continuing medical education (CME) as presented through different types of technology-based eLearning training methods and virtual training solutions is no longer simply informative, but innovative. The concept of using virtual training in the technology age is not exclusive to corporate organizations, as it has extended to medical professionals in private practice, hospitals, and clinics. Continuing medical education (CME) courses can be taken online, which enables users to have remote access, and credits can be automatically documented, which makes this an invaluable resource for tracking and measuring effective training results. CRW helps continuing medical education providers build a network of training materials that are as educational as they are engaging.

A few examples of virtual CME courses include:

  • CD-ROM- or DVD-based training that walks users through the latest medical technology continuing education using virtual reality and animation so it feels and looks as if they are actually interacting with the equipment or device in the real world.
  • Web- or Internet-based training that allows users to work from a network of CME courses in areas such as medical billing for office assistants or medical resources for technologists. Online CME course resources provide 24/7 instructions from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Video-based training that enables users to view a virtual product, service, or procedure demonstration and/or a speaker or lecture presentation to further their understanding and promote memory retention. Quizzes for accreditation and credits can be taken at the end of the CME video.